Watch Holly x Sdot’s reaction to Bill Burr White vs Black Athletes and Hitler
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  1. There has been many academic and scientific literature worldwide on the differences between white and black athletes. But it is boring and difficult to read unless you have a degree ion biology, physiology or a similar degree. It is easier to watch video documentaries on this matter. But, over the years, YOUTUBE has removed many of these videos and people have to repost…..or give the videos titles to hide what the video is really about. This is because YOUTUBE has a "Politically Correct" algorithm to remove certain videos. nbc .Black vc. White.athletes.256kbps.wmv 'The Sports Gene': Author Tackles Controversial Aspect of Sports, Genes and Ethnicity NBC Black Athletes – Black Athletes Fact and Fiction Part II Are elite athletes born or made? How Genes Affect Athletic Performance: VICE Podcast 032

  2. Holly – I have been watching for a longtime and came 2 see u doing comedians. I was wondering if you can do DAX- “What’s poppin remix” and/or “The Joker : You did him long ago, but the boi is “nice”…..

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  4. Though reaction vids are not my thing.. But came across them as am an ol' fart Pink floyd dude.. And it basically started there. Followed a couple of you guys.. Burr vid reactions.. And think you both make a healthy tight couple. Always respect 'each other'! And don't let nothing break., come between or break that! Regards and respects to you kids!

  5. This couple is really cool because If you pay attention you can see they are pretty open minded. Now look they could be great actors and just trying to get more YouTube subscribers or on the real they could be trying to get more YouTube subscribers and Be more open minded lol

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  7. Hey guys great reactions do some Jim jefferies gun control, take an md sufferer to a professional, Anthony Jeselnik, roast reactions on Greg giraldo and Jeff Ross