Bill Burr White vs Black Athletes and Hitler? REACTION So Funny I Started Crying!!!
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  1. LOVE Bill Burr! Just remember that the clips out there are from a range of dates, so you see him at different ages as he went along in his career. Now he's been doing a podcast for a long time, too. There are clips of the podcast on YouTube, and his wife Nia often joins him, which makes for very funny stuff. I'm sure others will tell you some relevant details — like Nia is black, and they have two little kids, living in Los Angeles but used to live in NYC. He's originally from a Boston suburb, and his stuff about moving to NYC and having black friends is hilarious (check out "Black Friends, Clothes, and Harlem"). He used to write for Dave Chappell's show, too. I don't always agree with him lately, but he speaks his truth, and I think he's brilliant. Other favorites are "White Guilt," "No Reason to Hit a Woman," and "How You Know the N-word is Coming."

  2. Bill Burr is hilarious! He's funny because he's not lying. He has a very funny view of the world we live in and we need people like him to keep us all in check…. and that voice he puts on when he finds something stupid just cracks me up. I love him.

  3. Could you please react to
    Dave Chappelle – 3am In The Ghetto
    Bert Kreischer – Flying Dildos – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored
    (That is the actual name of the video and could you please watch bert till the last second of the 15min because many people stop before the end)

    Greetings from The Netherlands

  4. Bill Burr is absolutely hilarious. I am so glad you reacted to him. Please do some more reactions to him. Bill Burr, Epidemic of Gold Digging Whores, Bill Burr, Black Friends, Close and Harlem, Bill Burr Some People Need Lotion, Bill Burr, No reason to Hit a Woman. These are a few really funny ones.