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Bill Burr – White vs Black Athletes and Hitler? Reaction

ScribeCAsh reacts to another Bill Burr Stand up joke and completely laughs her face off in the process she loves all of his jokes.

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  1. I kinda buy in to your theory, that will to survive developed that strength, just like many long distance runners from Africa and middle east needed endurance for traveling long distances by foot.

  2. There was a dude Who is in sports casting and lost his job because He said during slavery that they would take big strong black men and big strong black women and Have them get together so they can have children. Eventually this created a lot of strong African Americans. So his Entire theory was this is why African Americans are so much better at Athletics. In a way it makes sense and this is coming from a person of color as in black. So this sportscaster loses his job for saying that. I think they might be some truth to it. You don't see a lot of people moving from Africa going in to football and other sports because they're not as athletic most of the time. Except the people from Kenya when it comes to marathons.. But that is comes from them running long distances just to get water and I'm not being judgment to but things like this are true in Kenya… certain parts of Kenya

  3. I agree with most of your theory at the end this is why I think it's dumb to call Black Americans African-Americans especially when you compare black Americans to actual Africans
    remember Africans captured fellow Africans and sold them to the white parts of Africa still have slavery which is just rose up again in Livia where they have open air slave trade
    But Africans have been lacking nutrition compared to Black Americans even during slavery they worked in the fields

    but since we're on the topic of slavery what most people don't know because academia no longer teaches correct history it was a small minority who owned slaves most people did not own slaves but at the same time they're also black Americans who owned slaves just like today the elite is a small minority of the actual population most white people did not have slaves they were lower middle-classdislike the Italians and Irish help build buildings while the Chinese help build the railroads Africans did the farming fieldwork

  4. Your theory on natural selection is on point up until what part of the country the athletes hail from in regards to physical prowess.The athletes be they in the north,east ,or west, overwhelmingly had parents or grandparents who migrated from the SOUTH.Its the same bloodline.Maybe the modern amateur black athlete works a lil harder because of his environment.Not saying city amateur blacks dont work harder.Living impoverished in the south is a different than anywhere else so motivation and dedication and family/friends support comes in to play for the barefoot track star.Anyone from the south knows what Im talking about.Thats my opinion anyway.Bill Burr has been top-notch for many years and lots of people are flipping through youtube are just getting to know.Check out his Philly Rant. Sebastian Maniscalo,Dave Chappelle,Bill Bellamy recommended.Much sucess to you Lil Sis.

  5. 16:28 If that was true, why is it only recently that we have seen a increase in the competitiveness of the SEC? I think the reason the SEC has gotten better is simply because of the population explosion in the south and the subsequent decrease in the mid-west and northers states. When the big 10 and pac 10 were dominant, they had the largest populations. It's simply numbers. The SEC has a larger pool to pick from now.

  6. The quick twitch vs slow twitch muscle fibers is a thing. As a general rule black athlete's do have a higher proportion of quick twitch than white athlete's. So sports where quick twitch is important that is a plus. Now of course that's only one factor other factors also make a difference.

  7. I agree with that theory or at least believe it played a major factor because if you look at black players in the NHL, they don’t dominate like they do in the southern sports where the climate is warm. Pretty much, if it requires running or jumping, blacks tend to dominate. Hockey is very physical with a very high degree of eye to hand skill, but apart from the hits, the skating requires a different skill, though the physical aspect is very high as well as the hand skill. Unlike basketball, football, baseball and track, you can’t get away with just natural physical ability to get you by. The skill level in hockey is very high, which puts everybody on the same level from the start.

  8. Daniel Tosh does a bit about player's getting an asterisk next to their names for juicing. He said find just as soon as Babe Ruth and all others get an asterisk for playing before blacks and Hispanics were allowed to plag.

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    Im assuming your subs watch every new video…
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