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โ–ถ Amy Newman @amy_n_newman & @amy.n.newman

Bill Burr talks about racism in sports.

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  1. This is the most intelligent bit on what has become a very sensitive issue.
    Sensitive that is with younger people whove been taught that we are still living in the 1920s

  2. Saddest thing about Jesse Owens was that he was treated better in Nazi Germany at the 1936 Olympics than he was once he returned to the segregated USA. A four-time gold medal winner and everything, Owens said in his biography that Adolf Hitler personally acknowledged him and waved to him, but that President Roosevelt did not.

    Upon returning to America he was still put through the humiliation of the then-prevailing segregation, wasn't greeted by the President and wasn't allowed to enter through the front door to subsequent receptions etc (they made him enter through back doors, sometimes even through the kitchen, and avoided all situations that could have put the limelight on him).

    Granted, lots of things have changed since then, but that contrast is just mindblowing.

  3. Burr is very ballsy. Few comics would even dare to broach some of the topics that he riffs on. The reason he pulls it off is cause of nuance and context and he is just plain funny. Love your reacts too.

  4. Please, for the love of all that is holy, learn to use the Pause button when commenting.

    Who are we supposed to listen to? You? Or the video you're reacting to? Cuz we can't do both.


  5. I never understood the whole Jessie Owens myth. Hitler was never upset that Owens won an event or two. in fact he was celebrated more in germany for his accomplishments than he was in the US. In reality, Germany absolutely crushed the '36 olympic games with an overwhelming victory in all events and medal count. Hitler certainly had nothing to be angry about.

  6. Super funny, but historical he didnโ€™t make the German dictator leave. That had completely other reason, u can look it up in Jesse Owens Biographie, or on a history channel (if u want 2 know why he left early). For Owens it was a pretty sad story, because the unnamed here;) actually showed at least some respect and his own president treated him like s… itโ€™s a Must read or See, there is also a biopic about that. Fascinating story

  7. Bill Burr is a savage. He also married a black woman so he's not afraid to point out racial differences. But he's always on point and knows how to deliver.

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