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  1. Hey there I agree with your saying at the very beginning of this oh, I've watched you guys react to a few comics and your wife reacts and like she says if she doesn't laugh then she doesn't laugh I think people have to not judge because they do not know the person I've watched enough of you guys. I just say you know what maybe they're just haters don't listen to them I love watching your reaction videos. Keep them coming God bless you, I'm here in Canada and I enjoy your reactions

  2. Jessie Owens killed Hitler's theory just like that when Nazi Germany was hosting the Olympics. Hitler, the leader of Germany, really did leave before Jessie Owens was awarded his gold medal 🥇cause he was so angry & couldn't comprehend it😂

  3. I'm super late but your wife's personality is just very professional and no bullshit and it shines through lol…..she's just a serious person and that's ok

  4. Burr is saying that Jesse Owens basically KICKED Adolf Hitler's ASS that day without firing a single bullet and he did it with class…Something Hitler could not comprehend.

  5. I've newly subscribed (after watching a few of your reactions) and I think you both show natural reactions. I'm just some old ginger guy but I'd love to have you both as friends… You make a lovely couple.

  6. Watch it again. He was making a joke about the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, when Jesse Owens won gold in the 100m, 200m, 4x100m and Long Jump – all in front of the watching Adolf Hitler. As an African-American athlete, Owens set three world records (200m, two in 4x100m), shattering Hitler's theories of Aryan superiority.