2020 presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden angers activists by considering Rep. Val Demings for his running mate.

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  1. They probably didn't pick her for being black, and picked Kamala Harris because she is mixed race, like Obama. This lady is probably much more qualified than Harris is. Biden is a fool. And Joe, you are not a real leader, you are a puppet.

  2. The black people are the racists and the complainers of fairness and the truth is they get a leg up because minorities have benefits getting hired for jobs and chosen for colleges

  3. ya that would be ridiculous if biden picked Kamala Harris to be his VP choice because black lives matters does not want that. Hmm and to talk about identity politics i wonder why trump picked Mike Pence to be his VP was he the best canidate or was it because he is the chosen one of the Christian right.

  4. Republican wake up ! You now the difference between right and wrong! Vote blue to save your beautiful country if anyone is shallow to think what Stupid Trump give a DANN about you all !

  5. Another point that shows DEMOCRATS are supported by Marxist are the real racist. It’s sad they have to pander to a communist demographic. BLM is running the democrat narrative

  6. Its not lives it's life black life matters lives jimmy lives down the road spell it right how can u take Something so serious that Don't know how to spell it right

  7. Who's the white lives matter leader? Ill accept. Im gonna start calling out all the non white statues and history i think is racist to my culture.

  8. Accomplishment and ability don't mean sheeeat! Gots ta be all Blackalicious now! The DNC will decide who deserves a promotion and who don't…make no mistake 'bout dat! S'all 'bout da soul o' dis nation…das whut I'm sayin'!

  9. The devil has been promoting Biden he is a devil worshiper and god brought us Trump to lead us into a better America the dems want to be able to go back to there own ways and president Trump wants to lead us toward a better America rid of the thieves in the democratic party

  10. After all the stuff and lies and 160,000 dead now because Trump downplayed the virus the whole time…. and you hypocrites are criticizing Joe ???

  11. The Democratic party IS the party of slavery….
    All assets of the DNC and those associated with it should be confiscated and
    Re-disributed to those that qualify for reperations…..
    then Democratic party should be outlawed and disbanded from the USA…

  12. It doesn't matter who he picks, once he said he will only pick a woman as VP, he alienated 50% of the voting public. Don't worry about who he picks, he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of beating the president. Bye bye creepy Joe.

  13. Republican Voter r 67 Million strong
    2000 Bush 50,456,002
    2004 Bush 62,040,610
    2008 McCain 59,948,323
    2012 Romney 60,933,504
    2016 Trump/Pence 62,984,828
    2020 Trump/Pence MAGA 67 Million

  14. Biden was already picked for to run as president when Obama was in office. It was and is all a done deal. That Biden is loosing his marbles with the minute well that was not calculated in. Now BLM wants a real black woman on as VP but Biden is a (closet) bigot and probably is unmatchable to a real black person. All the black women he picked so far as potential VP's have some law enforcement background- good luck with that. He really wanted Kamela Harris (also the best looking "accidentally" – calendar model as Biden said) but that failed due to GF and BLM. I cant believe the Dems think Biden is the best they have to run. People do see Biden as what he is. He is about the lowest standard Dem there is… But I guess it was promised to Joe.

  15. Biden will be another Obama and let pelosi.take over the country he's been in there 20 years and hasn't done a dam thang so who ever votes for Biden will be sorry