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  1. I wish that you would squeeze the blackheads, sometimes, rather than using a comodone…especially, on the nose…it must hurt on the nose to use a comodone..plus, the comodone leaves marks

  2. I don’t like her dependency on just the one tool. There were times when a bigger loop extractor would have been better, or even needle nose tweezers.

  3. Dr. Lee I watch your videos on YouTube and your show on TLC , I enjoy them so! I even catch myself even falling to sleep watching your shows!
    Your spectacular but I'm in Alabama with all of the humid weather, I'm 53 with a 50 year old spinal injury C1 to C2 fracture dislocation and now C1 to t1 fusion I have several medical problems including diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, and have had a cyst on my back side that got abscessed and had to have surgery to be removed. I've had 3 or so since that got big and squeezed them out.
    I still suffer with black heads , oily and dry skin

  4. I havent followed Dr. Lee for some time now. It seems her best videos are on her tv show and YouTube gets the leftovers. There are so many lipomas now and not many blackheads or good cysts anymore. I miss the good old days.

  5. I’m impressed the poor lady with dementia stayed so still and let it happen.

    I think my Grandma would have been the same. But she sort of was herself but lost 30 years of memory (after a stroke) and some other effects. It was certainly dementia though according to the docs.

    But my grandad would have gotten feisty. Probably wouldn’t let it happen,

    I’m partially watching this just to hear them talk and learn about them. I can’t sleep. XD

  6. I hate the tool that you use. I prefer what seems less traumatic of the Asian technique. The population they are treating does have different skin type and so many blackheads.

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  8. The woman with memory issues shows me what I'm going to look like soon. It's scary I can only hope my husband is as loving as much as her husband. Thank You for bringing her in. 🌼👩‍🦳🌼 M.

  9. Ésta persona no es experta en esto, sólo maltratan el paciente, sólo les retira lo superficial y es peor, a ese yo no le pondría ni un dedo, ni ese aparato no sirve, aprenda primero.

  10. That extractor causes a lot of bleeding, wouldn't it be better to have a hot wet cloth placed for about 5 minutes on the nose to really open the pores, then use one of her instruments, say one with a sharp tip, looks so painful when she extracts on dry skin.

  11. There’s a video on YouTube that shows that if you take a small bag of hot Cheetos and crush the Cheetos into basically dust then. Wait
    Just check the video out.

  12. I have watched this multiple times over several years. I find now that it is disturbing to see how much tearing and bleeding the extractor causes. This a delicate area that should be handled with some care. I wish she would not promote these rough extractions, I can no longer enjoy them. I still watch her show but I don't view her You Tube channel much . Very disappointing.

  13. Is it just me? or is it kinda mean to be talkin about her like that with her sittin right there? Like she's deaf… My gram had alzheimer's and she knew some stuff, even at the end… It wasn't like she was completely braindead…

  14. Dr. Lee gets so excited about the Blackheads and will talk/show her patients and you can tell they just play along cus they don't want to ruin her fun 😆

  15. I know who this guy is with the cyst on the middle of the bac❗❓ Dr. Lee once told him that he was like a Disproving Father😁❗❓