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Thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the Palace of Justice in Brussels on Sunday to protest racism and police brutality following the death of George Floyd.

Assembled under the motto ‘Black lives matter,’ activists expressed solidarity with the black Americans who lost their lives at the hands of police officers and remembered the violent cases in Belgium and names of the victims.

The riot police unit deployed water cannon in an attempt to disperse protesters, as after the demonstrators left the Poelaert Square to march across the city, the peaceful rally turned violent. The Brussels police department reported over 150 arrests following street clashes and looting of local shops.

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  2. Why weren't those immigrants protesting in their homelands before they made the choice to go to Belgium? Belgium has no one to blame but the politicians that allow it.

  3. Belgium will be the first contrey in Europa, who will fall to the power of Black people…. thanks god Russia and China is able to clear out Europa, when time comes

  4. These left-wingers destroying these cities are going to push people to vote in Hardline right-wingers. And then Europe will become like it was before 1945

  5. And as my country gets worse , overrun with immigrants , the middle class has to work longer to get to pension, 67 now, to be honest, even that seems optimistic , give it a few more years and it will be work till your 70 , or die , either is fine , build a wall around Belgium if needed, but stop constant arrival of new immigrants …pls

  6. Banks are not Rasist they ROB you no matter what colour you are. While you fight over B S. There is no freedom while they print your money. Who do you think pays for all the BS you hear. BANKS. Who pays your Governments BANKS. Divide and conquer. He who owns the GOLD makes the rules. So do as you are told and love BLM OK

  7. la police fait quoi à part se défendre sur les images ? qui propage la haine dans les discourt ? la police a piller les vitrines et les magasins ? comment une manifestation qui était aussi pacifiste en viens à volé pour la mort d'une personne aux USA ? "police assassins" , on a voulu tuer des policiers ce jour là , pourtant certains n'avaient jamais toucher personne ou été agressif avec et avaient un très bon contact avec la population même avec les personnes en faute .

  8. Russia and china have managed to destabilise the west through black people and indegenoous traitors ww3 soon antifa , leftists and the media + politicians will also be destroyed

  9. with no festivals and fear and Laothing instead,
    maybe we should talk about peace, feel free to check new song "Summer Hummer , We Are The Peace"