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Directed by Valentina Vee
Produced by Lixe Hernandez
Shot by Andrey Misyutin
Motion Design by Hodja Berlev (Neonbyte)
Music by Raul Vega (Instrumental track here:

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Recommended Reading:

1) What School Could Be, Ted Dintersmith
2) The Element, by Sir Ken Robinson
3) How Children Learn, John Holt
4) The Global Achievement Gap, Tony Wagner

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  1. Yeah .. i dont want to go to school because i already realized how stupid school was in 1st grade i would ask my mom like this "mom can i leave school? its just pointless i cant learn anything i only learnt how to multiply" She would say. No you have to learn what are u a idiot? and after that i ask her do u remember anything from ur school ? and she says im a grown woman and i won't remember anything because its been 20 years or 25 Dont get me wrong she's a great woman but isn't it just pointless? they say that if we dont learn we can't get a job. We can! literatilly i waste hours on my computer because i have nothing to do i go With my bike and i ride with it thats fun but i always fear school when school starts after summer im like god dang it. After that i would want to explain to everyone how pointless school is and its all about grades. grades just waste our time just learn and leave us alone just give us a couple of questions and be happy with it teachers.

  2. I´m a year to go to high school. I really love ballet and I would love to study it. So I´m thinking of going to a company so I can study there for years what I love. But my mom and dad say: No you can´t do that, at least finish high school. And I don´t want to lose my time. I´m just sad.

  3. School taught me that life is made for failure. My teachers taught me that if I don’t get good grades, I’ll end up working at McDonald’s. School teaches us every day that we are never good enough. School gives me anxiety every time I have to worry about a test. School gives me depression when I have to make a certain impression in front of people. School is not about learning anymore, it’s about a letter on a piece of paper. School is hell 🥺

  4. My bestie drop out from school
    She was so lucky to escape it and her parents didn't mad. Meanwhile me i'm stuck on that jail that for cing me to have depression and axienty. I hate when my parents mad and judging my score. I want to end it, but they will be mad just because that.

  5. School gives most kids stress
    In reality when I was showing my test like showing for everyone in class I crap my butt and would cry but I just stand and do nothing but also life is just for religion you have one chance not like inf you will die and that’s it so why work for school I got to a French school my life I’m in 7 grade and in reality I think about life and I’m just like why the hell do i have to learn math just for money really I could just use a calculator we don’t need to learn weird ass stuff for what to get a job when I saw a youtuber he finished school and he was the best but when he was going to get a job he was just scared of what was gonna happen so y’a he is now in the internet it dosent matter this man right here showed me that school is not even good do you know the odd1sout the guy said school is useless watch his vid about school and watch this and in reality school dosent show you how to do brain surgery or how to make food or important survival stuff just stupid stuff for nothing so pls pin my comment and let everyone know also swear words is in it and my grammar may be bad cause I went to a French school for like 6 years now I’m in lock down and I’m going to 7 grade so what I’m just gonna have to waste so much of my life for school my dad would abuse me and my siblings if we got a bad grade like almost every kid in the world so we be in pain from the belt just cause we didn’t listen to a teacher who barely even knows anything and just reads the school books

  6. Good at a subject:
    pass a grade:
    come back to school after summber break:
    teacher try to reminds me of the same subject I was “good at”
    teacher ask me for the answer:
    me: huh….. chesse

  7. guys goto newport gardens primary school its the best heres why:

    1. every thursday and friday is fun day

    2. on thursday we get ice cream and we watch a movie

    3. it isnt about grades its actually about learning

    4. every year we got events like japanese day and book week where you can dress up as your favorite character from a book,movie. and even socks day where you can buy or create your own socks

    5. the learning is easy we never get hard work its just easy

    6. theres other stuff to learn like japanese, performing arts, art, tech and of course PE its really fun

    alright ty for reading have a good day

  8. I thought because I only get A's so often (mostly in math) I wouldn't have a good future. But now I see school work, is just facts, that u must memorise for a test, but if u fail, ur dumb? That ruling of school needs to be changed, if u fail u learn, u don't fail, u find some new out