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  1. The police should just stand down in these liberal cities. They'll collapse then come begging for help. Other cites, their people are armed and not taking it.

  2. Some people have no respect for police they’re such uneducated to wrote F the police I hope that girl never call police whenever she have problems. The BLM threatens America they said no justice no peace that means they will continue to destroy America. They all should be locked up.

  3. 3.6 percent is Black. Why are you white entitled non Americans doing this. We are a mixed family for generations in the deep South and we don't do this. How about native Alaskans? We are all Americans!!

  4. That was funny when that chick with the fuck the police sign put it down when she heard siren hahahah this is why weed should be legal everywhere i would rather roll a blunt then cry about a person thinking there untouchable yo dude recording this i hope you had a mask on with all that coughing going on

  5. Yep looks like the BURN LOOT MURDER goon squadron made it all the way too Alaska .my advice to them would be to stay in the city , don't wander off the trail or they may never see daylight again