Has emasculated victim mentality hurt black athletes?
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  1. Millionaire professional athletes are victims? What a joke. And of course it has to be about race. People in the comments saying "great discussion blah blah." No. There is so much wrong with this. Life is real simple, be responsible for yourself and your actions. Most importantly, be yourself. Also gender is not a choice. STFU with that nonsense Marcellus.

  2. 4 different perspectives by 4 different Black men. I grew up in a military home and I played football and other sports from elementary to high school. The message I was taught is that tough times never last but tough people do. Regardless if one grew up with both parents, single parents, or no parents the Black community has been under attack since the late 1970's. Prior to that most Black people grew up in 2 parent or married households, you went to church, out of wedlock/teen pregnancy were not the norm. Feminism, LGBT agenda, attacks on Black male character, the 1980s crack epidemic, so-called toxic masculinity have made 24 hour assault on us. Most Brothas are grinding/working making sacrifices not excuses that don't get appreciated until you die or those same momma's boy became parents themselves. Then they see the truth for themselves. The media never tells the truth about us. It is harder to be masculine in a society that pushes others agendas over yours. Quite often many divorced Brothas often remarry and raise children that his wife or new girlfriend already had prior to them meeting. When it comes to custody women get them….men pay child support. Then cycle has repeated over the last 2 generations. Sports and the military reenforce team work, discipline, comradity, and toughness. That is why despite it all we appreciate the military and sports so much as Black men because it is the closest thing to a merit system in a very racist USA.

  3. Which is why I hate the lavar ball hate Black father taken care of his 3 kids… ppl talking bout zo n Melo not liken they father yea ok… they wouldn’t be basketball players or have the body type without lavar

  4. Bruh Marcellus just be tryna talk like he's real smart…@ 11:45 he says at the PRIMAL level, gender roles are a choice. Uh no they are not sir, the primal biological level is automated in us and we don't CHOOSE any of that. Tf he talking about? 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Edit: However, I fully agree with his synopsis @ 13:10 so I will give him credit there.

  5. Why even put Baker Mayfield on the pic? Whitlock is a black spokesman for Fox news, like Candace Owens. They really have no connection to blacks, but always somehow is our representative.

  6. Marcellus Wiley said a WORD in this discussion. As did Lavar and even Whitlock. And instead of piling onto Antonio, at least this helped people understand some of his choices. And this is why I watch sports TV – every now and then you get some real insight into men. Thanks, fellas.

  7. What we are seeing is a culture of feminizing black men by single mom, the church, and music. Just like Chappelle said, there is an effort to put a black comedian in a dress for some strange reason cause they all have done it. As soon as he resisted, there was fallout. Society is emasculating all men in society. As with everything whatever negative in society hits the black community x2's

  8. Challenge is it possible for Mister Whitlock to talk sports or just talked about the person or the thing it appears absolutely everything he says finds a way to end up with black folk is acting up these black people just keep messing up and blaming everything I swear these black folks just can't get it together I think he's made his point can we just hear about the sports like this guy has a touchdown this guy doesn't this guy's fast this guy isn't we get it you don't like black people