Thousands of protesters in cars and on foot have flouted Michigan’s stay-at-home orders to demand the state reopened. ‘It’s time for our state to be opened up’ said one protester in her car. ‘We’re tired of not being able to buy the things that we need, go to the hairdressers. It’s time to open up’. Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer was the main target of armed pro-Trump protesters, with some chanting ‘lock her up’ on the steps of Lansing’s town hall. Whitmer responded hours after the protest saying she understood the frustration but the ‘sad irony’ about the demonstration was that it could have further spread the virus and therefore created the need to extend Michigan’s stay-at-home order. So far, 1,900 Michigan residents have died due to the coronavirus
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Protesters chant ‘lock her up’ after Michigan governor’s stay-at-home order ►

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  1. Honestly, is anyone surprised we still have COVID so bad here in America? We already new like 50% of our citizens were brain dead fucktards before the virus hit, now were just seeing it confirmed

  2. LEGALLY Armed protesters…….fixed it for you.
    And at the end of the day. Everybody went home. No one was hurt. And no property was destroyed. Unlike the leftist brick wielding maniacs just a month later.
    The Guardian…..exactly what do you “guard”? Because it sure isn’t free thought or speech or action. Our bodies, our choice. Isn’t that how the mantra goes?
    Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  3. TELL that to the RIOTERS in the LOOTERS,, that are BUSTING WINDOWS OUT & STEALING
    ALL the goods INSIDE!!
    ARE you KIDDING me Lady!??
    Where were😷Theirs!?????????????

  4. Man….look at all the destruction….violence etc. lol. Democrats are talking about the whole country and the other "peaceful Protests" What….what rioting, looting and damage going on. It's all peaceful protests. CNN, MSNBC etc. tell us so….except if it's white people or
    white supremacists. Especially in Michigan. Compare These Michigan Protests with Seatle, Chicago etc. Huh. I don't get it. But the Media does. lol

  5. Why would anyone listen to the shutdown when the government will not pick-up the tab they just leave us hanging 👎👎👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸