After a great impression of the classic Pacino vs. DeNiro scene from “Heat”, Aries imagines that same scene with Stallone vs. Schwarzenegger instead… which leads to a HILARIOUS impression of Arnold’s movie mannerisms.

From Aries Spears’ 2011 stand-up special, “Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling”.

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  1. Hands down, arnold schwarzenegger is the greatest action star of all time! I guarantee that every person in the world has seen or will See one of his movies. Actors today would kill for a role like terminator or butch in predator! John matrix in commando! His early films are legendary! Somebody gonna tell me that total recall wasn't a masterpiece? It's a fucking excellent movie! Yeah he's not seen as a serious actor? Well I think when he played the terminator, that was one of the most serious roles I have ever seen on screen! Throughout that entire movie, I was convinced he was a murderous cyborg who will not stop! An that was a late 70s movie! That's my two cents! I think he's one of the best actors, I have ever seen. Him & clint eastwood are the best action stars in my opinion! Bruce lee 3rd!