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We collaborated with Anthony Ramos because we wanted to give YOU the opportunity to express how you feel about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Featuring a very special musical creation by 12 year old Keedron Bryant, we created this piece as a tribute to the movement.

Comment below about what you feel about #BLM. We want to hear you and keep this conversation going.

Record your story @ or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated.


What’s your true story? storybooth wants to hear it!

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  1. Man….This Anthony guy looks a lot like Laurens from Hamilton….

    But seriously
    That young man was 12 years old and got shot to death for playing with a nerf gun.
    Another man got shot 20 times for holding his damn phone. WTF?!?
    You are aloud to hold your damn phone! It's not a crime.
    "I thought it was a gun!" No you didn't. Stop lying.
    Bet you thought a nerf was a real gun too huh? A damn toy got that boy killed.
    These police need to be sued, have they're jobs taken away and be put in prison for murder.
    There is no excuse

  2. I have a black friend, and I'm white and idc, sometimes I don't remember she's black! I just love her personality, idc about skin colors, Life isn't the same, like a few years ago. We can't walk outside without offending someone! Black Lives Matter, HUMANS MATTER! who cares?! These police are horrible, But don't judge all police! Some police are agreeing with us. BLM, BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!, This is why I love story booth! :')

  3. ok off topic but, Ive been watching storybooth daily now, and I was like, why is there no blm posts? I literally checked daily and today I see this, and it says a month old, and I haven’t seen it despite checking daily for a blm video

  4. How the world votes for black racism
    And not chinese racism
    People still wanna mess with the chinese
    Chinese are part of the world too
    Every country makes mistakes
    Respect all of us humans

  5. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

    -Martin Luther King Jr

    This quote means that we should protest the right way and not destroy things so if ur gonna destroy something because u hate racists think about this question first “what would Martin Luther king do?

  6. Don’t take this the wrong but it’s not racism that’s causing the destruction it’s the fact that racists want to take their beliefs to another level and I’m not saying racism is wrong cause it is and God have each human a mind to believe what we want to believe and when we force it on people it creates destruction