Born out of a social media post, the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked discussion about race and inequality across the world. In this spirited conversation with Mia Birdsong, the movement’s three founders share what they’ve learned about leadership and what provides them with hope and inspiration in the face of painful realities. Their advice on how to participate in ensuring freedom for everybody: join something, start something and “sharpen each other, so that we all can rise.”

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  1. BLM should be called what it is a far left group, the media and the left have no issue labelling any and all patriot groups nationalist groups or counter groups advocating for all lives to matter "far left" even ones that are what is seen as middle of the road politics, the movement also labelled peaceful is no longer fooling even the blind, it's now in total league with ANTIFA and not only should be labelled far left extremist but investigated as a possibilite domestic terrorist organisation. The unrest caused, the cost accumulated and lives lost due to this racist organisation is far worse than anything any of all the so called far right groups have perpetrated. Either all lives matter or you are racist. There is no white privilege, it's majority privilege, common sense provides that answer. Listen to the police may save your life, just saying.

  2. @04mzwach you said leftists don't care about people's safety… Your words racist liar… You could only make this bizarre nonsensical assertion because black folks safety doesn't matter to you… When you think of "citizens safety" (sic) you think of white people's safety

  3. Your voice is 100 times louder with a gun in hand

    fortunately the only people with guns are people can see through BLM's illusion of ending racism and police brutality

  4. Both Black Lives Matter and Antifa are Marxist groups that are anti-capitalism.

    Black Lives Matter (BLM):


    See if this looks familiar to what's happening in the U.S. this summer. How communism takes over a country:
    1966, John Birch Society

    Now look at Democrat mayor led Portland:

    More clashes in Portland:

    Antifa (CNN 2 years ago):

    There's a communist movement led by the Leftists in the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA) that are current congressional members (Sanders, AOC, Pressley, and a dozen others), mayors (like Deblasio NYC who is actually a trained Marxist), BLM leaders (who are all Marxists), and the main stream media.

    Stop the violence, rioting, burning, and looting. You're enabling the socialist and communist takeover.

    We need more Mexican guys like this going after Antifa:

  5. “Not all lives can matter until black lives matter” – Mother of 23-year-old Elijah McClain, who was murdered by police while walking home after purchasing an iced tea for his little brother.