So we definitely just ate some dolphins.

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  1. "you set up to make some jerky and after a day you get impatient and decide ah thats good enough"

    yea, cos biltong is 'beef jerky' without the 12 bags of sugar, soz mate

  2. It's like yall are kids, don't you have manners, you are insulting our traditions like why tf would you call the koeksisters dog food, yeah they don't look good and probably don't taste good either by the looks of it but do you have to call it dog food. Not only that but you insulted all of the snacks, who tf does that. Please and thanks, you could also have biltong imported directly from SA instead of attempting to make it urself, that's maybe why it wasn't good. Maybe you took the recipe from Google and you didn't make them good. And you could've atleast done your research on how they should eat the snacks, like you could've gotten another favourite called rooibos tea because they are supposed to dip the rusks in the tea and then eat them. Educate and manner yourselves on insulting others traditions. Disgusting behavior from grown adults, bad influence on kids too cause that's how kids learn to bully and make fun of others.

  3. Those koeksisters werent made with South African flair there should be wayyyy more syrup and they are supposed to look more orange also my south Africans tell me if I'm wrong but aren't they two types of koeksisters

  4. If you’re trying to represent South African snacks and have them on the internet being picked on by people at least do a decent investigative job and ask actual South Africans what their favourite snacks. This is insulting