Ali Siddiq finds himself in a tough spot when he realizes that he’s completely unprepared for an impending prison riot.

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  1. U can literally go to prison for a nonviolent crime and just get killed the first day this why the system doesn’t work how u do u expect people to come out better they are in isolation living among the worst of the worst come on now

  2. “I got cut by a Mexican who didn’t even have on boots”
    So the Mexican that cut him was new too, he didn’t have boots and Ali didn’t have a knife. 😂

  3. the part where he realized he'd have to "stick with his own race" and knew his mexican friend would probably stab him made me sad. it's fucked up what we make people choose to do to each other.

  4. That is so NOT true! Blacks & Mexicans DO NOT hang out together, much less eat together! Once the Yard jumps off, if your Race is involved in a Prison Riot, YOU better NOT RUN AWAY. If U do, then you're a marked man for NOT backing up your Race. If your Race has nothing to do in a Riot, U just walk the fuck away….