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  1. I have been an ALABAMA fan since my childhood in the 50's.I'd hoped this would not become an ALABAMA football issue but now it has.Over use of violence by anybody is unacceptable and most will nor ever have to face it and they should be thankful for that.I went to war at 18 years old in 1967 and was never the same.The more this is rehashed by the public agitators will prolong it's never going away.This country needs college football that doesn't drag politics into it.Things happen and not always for the best.But change is slow and positive experiences are whats needed and thats college football without politics.

  2. Democratic activist and BLM organizer, Charles POS Wade, was arrested and charged with human trafficking and underage prostitution. This is not acceptable in "most" cultures, just say'n.

  3. was George Floyd (Accused) the victim of mishandling by the police or other white guys face the same?
    If i am not wrong All round the world only influential people get the proper treat ,all others are same espite color,religion,region.
    So dont spoil your country by organised groups,those dont even care for George Floyd.Unknowingly you people are building foundation for a permanent hatred between white & black,

  4. No more Alabama football for me. Everything around us is corrupt and no one can even enjoy a football game w/o political Marxism being shoved down our throats. Sports ball is dead. Gone fishing

  5. To everyone reading this Jesus loves you sm He died for you!! I pray you surrender to Him!! You’re so loved!! If you want to know Jesus pray this or somthing similar just admit you want to know Jesus and want forgiveness of your sins “Jesus I ask that you would come into my heart forgive me of my sins and guide my life I want to know you, Amen 💖💖 we are know brothers or sisters in Christ love y’all