At a dramatic Congressional hearing, the brother of George Floyd has called on lawmakers to make sure he did not die in vain. Floyd’s killing in police custody ignited protests across America and around the globe. The plea by Philonise. Floyd come as demands grow to reform policing and stop African-Americans dying from excessive force by white police officers.
A changing awareness of the past is manifesting itself in other ways too – statues of Confederate leaders are being taken down. One standout case is the pending removal of the Confederacy’s main hero, General Robert E. Lee in Richmond. We talk to Gerald Horne, Professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston.


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  1. The Orangeburg massacre refers to the shooting of protesters by South Carolina Highway Patrol officers in Orangeburg, South Carolina, on the South Carolina State University campus on the evening of February 8, 1968. The approximately 200 protesters had previously demonstrated against racial segregation at a local bowling alley. Three of the protesters, African-American males, were killed and 28 other protesters were injured.

  2. Journalists are being attacked because of trump, look how he's treated the press, all his b.s. Pompey, America isNOT the greatest country in history, give me a break there are better democracies.

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  4. They are shooting at the so-called "journalists" who have reported against Julian Assange. First, they came for him and the press let him down. Now it`s the reporters' turn. Assange would have released the truth to the world about everything that`s going on but he can`t do that because he`s locked up in prison for telling the truth. And the press did everything to help the powers that be to put him there. And now you are whining? Pah…

  5. First of all Pompeo is a liar. What makes America so special? Never ending wars and subjugation of the other western countries which is rather shameful for the banana republics. The US is making mockery of democracy and Human Rights let alone self declare itself a guardian of those principles. A mafia state at its best.

  6. Police fail to realise the people if wanted can get hold of weapons….through history the people always win,the army,well let's just say they have family that are the public so if it kicked off it won't last long as soldier's would not kill there own people.

  7. George Floyd incident the man was convicted of many crimes he was a criminal himself he probably got what he deserved because of the fact that he he didn’t listen to lawn force meant he would constantly rebel so I think he got what he deserved and the American people need to understand that the Constitution does not apply to them anymore OK it doesn’t apply to any of us we have to understand now and we have to obey what the law tells us to do OK you people have to realize that you have to understand your protests are not working no matter what you protest no matter what you do you’re not going to change