What’s up Guys, Welcome back to our channel….. Today we do an AFRICAN FOOD MUKBANG! Sit back and enjoy.

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  1. I love that you girls are from togo my first husband was from Togo he said he lived a private life too. I love African food. My current husband is from Liberia and when I was pregnant with my daughter I had to have pepper soup and fufu and I had to have it extra extra spicy.

  2. Damn ya destroyed it. Making me miss ghana. I think togo and ghana is basically one country, we need to break the borders. I need to hit up momdukes for the soup recipes

  3. I am southern and when I was little I could not stand greens. So my grandmother taught me to eat greens with cornbread, but you have to eat it with your hands. Doesn't taste right any other way.

  4. In Sudan we have same food too..
    The okra soup with corn poding (aseda), we eat it with (kisra) too.
    We cook the cow & sheep stomch as well as a stew & it's called(kammonia).
    We all share the same food culture.
    Proud to be African 🇸🇩🌍💖

  5. My father tells me we have roots in Guinea. And I know that fufu is most popular in countries in west Africa. I can’t wait to make fufu and soup and have it for the first time!