HI guys! Welcome back to my channel, in today’s video you are going to come African food shopping with me, this is African food market runs and also African food haul.
Thanks for watching.

#AfricanFoodShopping #Africanfoodhaul #AfricanFoodMarketRuns

The name of my channel is Simply Natural, in my channel i do Nigerian food recipes, and after we finish cooking our food, we also do the Mukbang of that food, when i started by channel it was about my 4C natural hair, so you will see videos of my natural hair, and every now and then i will do videos on natural hair, i also do sit down videos and a day in my life.

Thank you so much for stopping by in my channel i hope that you will Subscribe and be part of my family.

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  1. When I heard you say biscuit bone, you got me laughing because you brought back old memory of my favorite meat part.
    And the pot looks nice. Don't forget to let us know how good it is or not .

  2. Am the same way especially as a mom am still super careful about my children and definitely don’t trust having them in public. I still Workout with them but in the Bach yard because it’s also an open 2 Acre area in the community they can run and ride bikes. But I don’t take them to groceries store, malls still in a safer at home mindset. God will help our world 🌎 this too shall pass because C19 is real. Yes we can’t be in fear but safety first

  3. Really is still out there my sister. But we just have to live not easy living in fear at all. Is actually less aggressive now this is why they are allowing people to go out. God help us all. Food recipe is a lot my sister 😁.

  4. I enjoyed shopping with you, thanks for taking us along it was nice. I hope it didn't take you long to wash up all the goods, sorry about the okra being so expensive sis, that's just how they're dealing with us these days. Take care until and see you next time, bye!

  5. Variety is not bad. .because if you don't like this you will like that lol. ..so anyone is good to go sis.
    That shop is loaded with milk and honey. .please buy some cubes for me lol.
    That pot is so beautiful and your flawless natural face looks cute.

  6. We are wearing masks when we go shopping in the stores. Children are wearing masks also when they are around other people.  We also practice social distancing…..6 feet from other people.  I live in Georgia, and it's hard not to worry about what's going on around you.  Glad to see you again!

  7. Wow the african store is really big ooo , its like they have everything. That sugar cane 😩😩 I want some. The pot is nice sis I love this kind of pots

  8. Nice to see vlogs on your channel, and woow that african store has alot of goodies o, nice to see!
    Haaaa okro for €7 🤦‍♀️ sounds like alot of money but I don’t buy okro, can’t remember when last I had okro

  9. Nice one my sister, have really missed sugarcane was surprised wen I saw it. The rate at which Okro and fresh pepper is being sold now is alarming, but its well all the same. Nice one Sis.

  10. You are right, it's not over yet but we are the cure to this deadly disease, if everyone learn to obey the rules and regulations, I bet everything is going to end soon