This time learning about the construction of a super-garden in Senegal. This innovative plantation of vegetables, fruits, medical plants and even fish is going to provide the whole village with one tonne of food per month and make it self-sustained with food.

The Tolou Keur garden is designed with the use of numerous experiments from the organisers to find the perfect way of combining different plants to achieve maximum natural results, allowing the villagers to have a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

It is all about making the country a greener, healthier and wealthier place to be. All that while reviving the traditional knowledge, which is unfortunately vanishing every day.

Thank to organisational work of L’Agence sénégalaise de la Reforestation et de la Grande Muraille verte (ASERGMV) – The Senegalese Agency of Reforestation and the Great Green Wall, as well as the aid of Fabrimetal and 3FPT the green future of Senegal. Here are the links to all of them:

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