African Fashion Style Icons of the 80s & 90s
African fashion trends have evolved through the years but there’s no disputing the fact that a lot of the African fashion styles we saw in the 80s and 90s were as a direct result of some really influential people in Africa. These were the artists, musicians, and politicians who were staples in our living rooms before the age of the internet.

This video pays respect to the African fashion style icons who influenced our parents to wear the things they did and as a direct result, the things we did. Be it African Kitenge fashion, suits or traditional clothing these African giants had hand to what society wore back then and the least we could to is recognize them for it today.

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  1. Discovered your channel today, loving it ……..
    My dad was very much the Kaunda Suit guy and graduated into Obasanjo's Agbada look
    and Mbilia Bel and Tshala Mwana inspired my mums fashion. this was awesome

  2. I really enjoyed this video! I’ve been searching for inspiration from our African fashion icons for a project I’m working on so I’m really glad I found your channel. Subscribed! Where are you from? I’m from Cameroon😊

  3. Thank you for watching!! Do you think I left out a fashion icon from your country? Please comment below and I just might include them in the next video in this series! 😉😊