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Stay on top of the latest COVID-19 news with the Osmosis Coronavirus Pandemic Daily Report. In each report, Osmosis Chief Medical Officer Rishi Desai, MD, MPH, will deliver a short, focused explanation of a specific COVID-19 topic, and provide updates on the current status of the pandemic, both within the US and globally.

Today’s update focuses on African-Americans and COVID-19.

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Chapter 3: Demographics of Multi-Generational Households

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  1. And here I was feeling bad because I went downtown the week before I started feeling sick and I watched the numbers go up there, just as one would expect. There have been many deaths around here and I know there's no way I could have known I was infected when I felt fine but, for so many years, I have been the only person I know who consistently stays home when sick no matter who gets upset about it. I wasn't even around anyone who was sick. I wash my hands so often that the skin is often dry and irritated. But here I was, an unknowing participant in the pandemic that I had been reading about since January. I guess none of us believed it was going to get here, let alone so soon.

    But this feeling of sorrow pales in comparison to knowing how awful we have treated people of color literally for centuries and, to know that it's having an affect on their physiology even to this day utterly breaks my heart. I mean, it's like sexism in the sense that the problem involves individual bullies, but the much more insidious problem involves the entire society, the culture in which we were brought up, and the societal brainwashing that has become so endemic that even the people doing the brainwashing don't know that they are perpetuating it, let alone that they have been brainwashed themselves. You can tell the bullies to fuck off, even if there are a lot of them but, when the entire system has a bias against you, you look like the odd one out complaining about something that most other people don't see from either side of the prejudicial divide. This is going to take some tough and painful realizations to unwind and I was certain it was going to take longer than I was alive (I thought that about them legalizing marijuana and they did so I probably got a lot of people sick by passing all of those joints around mere days before I fell ill).

    People's minds are getting open to stuff right now and it's like this virus has the perfect lesson for us but for the fact that people die but perhaps it wouldn't work unless people die and God knows I almost did. People are starting to realize that profit is more valuable than people in this society and, more importantly, many more people are realizing how wrong this is. People are beginning to realize that your worth and who you are has nothing to do with your profession or how much money you make. You can't bribe a virus because they don't give a fuck. For everyone in your society to have health care, education, food, a roof over their head, rest from their labor to avoid sickness and time off if a person gets sick. We can all see whose labor matters most in a crisis and none of those people have ever been paid enough. This is a unique time in history where people are starting to realize our common humanity and this is exactly the time to create a society based around our fellow humanity and not based on lifeless money.

  2. Great 😇🙏 I listen these videos a lot and they are great, trying to learn many things, as a doctor, as a youtuber. Would he great to have a support from all of you who are watching him, I have started not long ago my health channel and trying to grow my community with Ayurveda and Yoga knowledge to make life healthy in natural ways, I also have few corona videos, come, visit and watch, guys, your support by subscribing my channel will be great, blessings to all of you 😇🙏 stay healthy and happy 😇🙏😍

  3. I always like(just love it🥰)the way u study and present it infront of us. May I demand u to include India in your focus too!? Have attention dear!

  4. In essence everyone at the lowest part of the socio economic ladder is screwed over, not once, not twice but multiple times. In Europe it is not the Africans origin but from morocco and turkey origin. What is true for African america is true for these people. In other parts of world they will have always these people on the receiving end. In India they are the untouchables. We humans are so infused with a sense of superiority.

  5. The inflammatory response to the experience of racial discrimination is absolutely incredible. Thanks for fleshing that out. One area of concern to me that I wonder if you won’t mind taking a look at is the issue of the incidence vitamin D deficiency amongst the African American population and other populations of ‘colour’ as it may relate an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases in general. Felicitations from the United Kingdom 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  6. I'd be interested to see a comparison of Vitamin D levels. Darker skin needs much more sun exposure to produce vitamin D. D3 inhibits proinflammatory cytokine response.