US Studies Centre’s Simon Jackman says the African-American constituency in South Carolina saved Joe Biden’s tilt at the Democratic leadership and Kamala Harris as running mate will further help his cause.

Mr Biden announced Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate ahead of the upcoming US elections making her the first black woman to appear on a major presidential ticket in American history.

Securing the African-American vote is integral to Biden’s hopes of winning key Southern states Georgia and Florida that Trump carried four years ago.

“He was barely with a political pulse and I think the African-American community knows where Joe Biden lies at the end of the day on policy,” Mr Jackman told Sky News.

Ms Harris will be relied on to help drive the African-American vote for the Democratic Party.

“And I think this pick today – case closed.”

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  1. She may not even be a woman: big head, neck, trachea, shoulders, nose, chin, mouth, teeth and jaw, sloping forehead and a brow ridge. Looks masculine, more masculine than Jo Biden at 5:48. Could be a secretive and therefor deceptive male to female transgender.

  2. They appear to have gifted President Trump another 4 years. Both are weak when under debate attack for the nominee…wait to they get a taste of Trump attack….

  3. Didn't she put thousands of innocent black people / people in general in prison and bragged about it?

    The dems picked her? Even the Democrats bashed her for what she did n

  4. Poppycock! This woman has a very bad reputation in politics in the US and she will be a liability for Joe. More people now will switch their vote to Trump and he will win the election in an even bigger landslide. After this exhibition, Kamala Harris won't even be able to be elected dogcatcher anywhere once she gets nationwide exposure and people see her for what she really is.

  5. Now now, her past record doesn’t matter anymore, she’s cool with the Afro American community since she confessed to chillin’ to Tupac and Snoop while smokin’ dat Endo! 🤔🥴😂

  6. It does not mean a thing that he has this sorry woman Kamala Harris to run with him. It does not give him the black vote. Kamala Harris is a turncoat, she is not really for the black community she just pretends like so many other black turncoats before her, black people are smarter today because they are better informed and better educated about these boule members whether they are women or men. Donald Trump will win, again, Trump is President and will repeat, his leadership is needed in these turbulent times, thank you

  7. This doesn’t help Biden one bit. If people liked her she would be the nominee for president not Biden. Most Americans hate her.