Five decades ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for racial equality in the southern United States. The landscape of the region was drastically different as African Americans were denied basic human rights and freedoms because of discriminatory local and state laws designed to keep black and whites separated. VOA’s Chris Simkins gives us a snapshot of what some African American endured in a segregated South.

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  2. This is part of the African American day-to-day. There is not a single day of the year that they don't obsess about the past and/or skin color in general. Color is the only thing that matters to black people in the USA. No other group of people does this…Stop saying colored people…Hispanic and Asian people could never, ever get away with it. It is black people and black people only who get to use their race as a crutch for their entire lives. There are 1 year old black children that will grow up being told they are a victim. In 500 years black people will still be talking about how unfair life is for them. Black supremacy is the new normal in the USA and other minorities do not get to benefit from it.

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  8. Carla Linton. Discrimination against Blacks in the 1960s was not right it was wrong and evil. And unrighteous in The Holy Name of My Heavenly Father God 😇🙏🙏🙌. Some White people need to know that they are not superior to Black people or anyone else. Because in My Heavenly Father God's Eye Sight. We're all equal. And we're all created in his image.

  9. Those words are actually hurtful, like some of you just say the n word like its just a word, no its not just a word a word that black people were called because wd weren't seen as human… that stuff is hurtful 😡👌

  10. Well we still dealing with this shit in the year of 2020 i just feel in my opinion Itll go on forever regardless. Some white folks accept blacks and some dont. But we all live in on this blue green earth together its time to wrap prejudice and racism up for GOOD

  11. So for those who fight because they did wrong and God power to the victory driven from their homes unjustly only because they believe in God and not God, people pay each other for the silos were demolished and the sale and prayers and mosques mention the name of God often Inasrn God and that God Inzareth forces Aziz who if We establish them in the land Establish the prayer and pay the Zakat and command the favor and forbid the one who denies it, and God is the end of things

  12. Back then it was everyone vs whites, now it’s everyone vs racists, there will always be racist people, but the world isn’t racist, we now have laws against it, no segregation, anyone has the right to be who they want to be, everyone is free to do what they want and go where they want to a point, the concept of one race against another needs a good relook, you can find racists in every race, we need to focus on all races coming together not just one

  13. My respects for my fellow black community and for MLK for fighting until segregation finally ended. It seems to me that the only enemy whites had and till date still have, is white people themselves, because they were controlled by the wrong people. Time and karma has made its promise that whites would soon be a minority