The National Museum of African American History and Culture is a landmark many consider long overdue. The museum tells the stories of African Americans across the country. One of them is Dorie Ladner, who took part in the historic march on the US capital in 1963.
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  1. Dam", it took that long to push through . That's even worse cuz it just means Obama didn't do jack in 8 years for the African American community it was "Bush" out of all people .

  2. Hey WTF we didn't get a Mexican one and no it's not the taco truck outside 7eleven 😄 But then again we have a country that we come from .Sucks ! but a country none the less .This is not a real victory for black people though .Obama is in office 8 yrs and they get a museum .Lets see what Hillary comes up with ! 😁

  3. Yay! Can't wait for the white American museum! Then we can show the world all of the achievements of white people. Not sure how they would do it though. The white museum would have to be miles across to hold all of the exhibits. I mean it would basically have to include almost all technology as well as the important parts of history which basically started after people became civilized and moved out of Africa. It's gonna be awesome!!!