CNN’s Don Lemon talks to actor Terry Crews about backlash over his recent tweets about the Black Lives Matter movement.

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  1. It's all very tragic and sad 😥
    CNN can you please explain to us why the BLM at the RNC attacked 3 Walkaway Founders gay activist and multi racial people of color including Libby Albert. Being openly gay what say you Andrew Cooper, Don Lemon and Andy Cohen to you have anything to say about this?

  2. Crews is basically saying that civil discourse and exchange of ideas/opinions is far more productive than burning things to the ground, Lemon disagrees. Clearly Lemon hasn't even bothered to glance over the BLM organization's platform, instead he is misrepresenting it. So, he is black, thick skinned, can't do research – and is a talking head for CNN….because of inequality??

  3. Very cringeworthy to watch an intelligent man, Terry Crews, also a former NFL linebacker, allow Don Lemon, a lying, effeminate liberal propagandist, get over on him. Crews’ attempt to be overly polite cost him this argument, as he allowed Lemon to control the conversation and ultimately laugh at him.

  4. Anybody else noticing how Don lemon is doing everything he can to twist what Terry is saying. Martin Luther King Jr wasn't an extremist, he wanted to bring people together which is what Terry is trying to express. The idea behind Black lives matter is great, but the second you put a threat towards Terry for not thinking or acting as you do your ideology shows its flaws because you're saying that your black life matters more than his black life. Why can't we agree that American lives matter? Why can't we come to an agreement that police need to be held to a higher standard no matter who they're interacting with.

  5. how is Don Lemon still on TV? I know he isn't a journalist. Does anyone watch his show for any other reason then for the same reason as when they slow down at a car crash? I have a new respect for Terry Crews. we need a President Camacho right now

  6. Is the name of the movement " black lives that get shot by white police officers matter" or black lives matter? For Don lemons goofy ass to think he has the right to name the meaning of the movement but somehow Terry Crews doesn't shows how narcissistic he is.

  7. "For people who don't want to make change it easy to paint a movement as extreme" ….. so Terry Crews or anybody else who dares question the agenda, methods and motives of BLM or ANTIFA is against change? What a load of horse sh!t. Fighting for a just cause does not give you the right to act like an a$$hole and disregard the law.

  8. So I guess Don doesn’t know what BLM is about… everyone knows that caring about black lives involves caring about more than just police brutality and BLM leaders have made that pretty clear.

  9. I get what Terry is saying but I also get what the movement is about. Murders in general need to stop and it is an important issue but as far as the BLM movement its a different category. I don't care what anyone says Terry Crews is still the man. He just shared his opinion.

  10. Not American here and I can say Terry is wiser and kinder than most actors I saw having to say anything about basically anything, if there is an actor I could see on tv of any race and feel safe the last thing on their mind is someone else's skin color that would be Terry Crews. This agenda driven lemon guy is so transparent with his bias it's not even funny but sad.

  11. Sadly BLM is only for whites on blacks weather it’s justified or not. While BLM doesn’t care about blacks who are innocent who get killed or their kids who get killed by other blacks. BLM is racist against whites, I have even seen them racist against Asians yelling and screaming at them because their company is not black owned yet the company sells Asian tea for their products.

  12. Pretty eye opening that this is on CNN's YT channel and has an outstandingly high number of down votes.
    Speaks for how dumb this movement is. Especially since more evidence is coming out against Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake showing them as not living "saintly" lives

  13. Terry Crews: "Black people need shut up and stop being so political! Theyre scaring me!!!"

    One month later…

    Terry: "Black people need to organize so we can stop strippers from making money. I'm scared of strippers!!!"

    What isnt this fool afraid of?