Neo-Soul Compilation

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  1. I’m engaged in a “Taking Me To Miami” mindset when I listen to this smooth selection of smooth Neo Soul shared to me by SiStar Chineze of The Bop Biz Center and the Ultimate “Battle Wrapped” events soon to be held at the fabulous Grand Ballroom Chicago!! Looking forward to performing a few of these melodies in my next show there coming soon…Save the Dates: April 1, May 6 & May 9!!

  2. Wow again Nash bee this is great nice touch we sitting in the lawn chair and just listen with champagne and wine man where have you bin you really need to put on a concert it would sell out quickly back to back we need this kind of music with all the crazy thing going on it like going into another world and just relaxing wow it binning speakless but keep up the great soundtracks and you will have fan for life and my friends and love ones enjoy your tracks