In this video I describe four different styles of runway walk for men.

1. Preppy walk and its usually a go-to walk for most men on the runway. Designers like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren usually prefer this style.

2. New Yorker is a go-to walk for most models as it show a lot of attitude. It’s high-energy and upbeat and can be used on many runways.

3. BET walk often seen in the show “rip the runway” is the preferred style for most black fashion show as its more entertaining than your conventional walk

4. The european walk focuses on the clothes and not the model. Models are usually told not to smile or pose at the end of the runway so they can keep the showing moving without drawing the wrong kind of attention.

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  1. I love how simple you explain becuz i have down syndrome and i am working on my career to model. Having down syndrome our walks are ours but some designers just overlook me becuz i canot walk perfect like u. So I will continue my modeling and my walk should improve the ,ore i model…Jae Smooov

  2. Don't do the ''bet'' …you'll get laughed at and go right on the no-hire list, at least in any serious/real runway. Your 'European' walk is also awful… keep practicing…

  3. Hey, I just started modeling today and I needed info/ help knowing what to do and you just taught me a lot than what others have. Your the best at tutorials u just get right to the point. Love it man, love it. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜Ž