Here are 3 great tricks for creating your own awesome Neo Soul progressions from scratch. This tutorial dives into moving RnB chord voicings around to reharmonize melodies and create dope reharms of basic chord progressions.

Instantly download Sheet Music, Backing Tracks, and/or Sample Pack here:

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  1. Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Wynton Kelly, Dave Brubeck, Thelonious Monk, Tommy Flanagan, Bill Evans, so many amazing piano jazz masters to be inspired by and learn from. Thanks y'all!

  2. I purchased your Stride piano exercise book and found it very helpful and well organized.
    Great for developing your left and right hand technique and vocabulary in both hands.
    I have a request for another video highlighting Oscar peterson technique. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and God bless.

  3. Seriously helpful! It's so hard to find good videos bridging the gap between beginner and intermediate-with-some-decent-knowledge but doesn't know where to go. Thanks!

  4. Jaja cada dia aprendo algo nuevo , lo ironico es que siempre pienso que domino bien las cosas pero no Jajajaja siempre me falta por aprender, Dios te bendiga hermano excelente recurso.

  5. Noah ! I'm pretty old, so mod expressions don't come easily. But your style is "sick".

    Seriously ! Your musical technique is supercool. Your communication is very accessible. Your concepts/ideas make all kinds of sense to me. And seem "do-able"

    I'm 80. Don't have a lot of money. Not the greatest player. But I'll probably be signing up for some of your paid stuff soon. I'm that impressed.


  6. what does DOPE mean? apart from slang for an illegal drug.
    Do you have a sufficiently wide vocabulary to use a normal word(s) to describe what you mean?