Larry Brilliant, MD, TED Talk on Stopping Pandemics –

Tom Frieden, MD, MPH Resolve to Save Lives Reopening Guide:

Erin Bromage, PhD, Post On Safe Places Concepts & Epidemic Spread –

Mask friendly business page:

NPR Risks of Summer Activities:

Population Adjusted State Level Visualizations –

Declining Childhood Vaccinations –

Neglected/Deferred Care & Finances of Primary Care Clinics –

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  1. Thanks! Some of us are listening! Question: Might individual governments, e.g., cities, counties, states, countries, etc., be motivated to hide or misrepresent virus test data?

  2. I'm wondering if you know the sensitivity and specificity of the Test Nebraska tests? I hear that the test at UNMC is up in the 90's for sensitivity. Thanks for the updates, I send folks towards them often. I'm a pediatrician in Omaha.

  3. Surely each test has a data element detailing the date the test was taken? So yes – we know the date the results were reported – but surely we also know that date that each reported test was taken?

    Graph retroactively by the test taken date – and couple that with an "aging report" for each day's test results. IOW, how many days old are these test results? i.e. 75% are 1 day turnaround, 20% are 3 day turnaround, 5% are >5 day turnaround?