Resources and Articles:
Nebraska County Level Tableau Graphs –
Covid Act Now – National, State, & County Level Data –
San Quentin Outbreak & Lessons for Herd Immunity –
Duke Study on Types of Mask Effectiveness –
New York Post with Better Visuals of Duke Study results –
Frequently Misquoted New England Journal Mask Opinion Article –
Authors of the Above Article Letter to the Editor –
Health Affairs Mask Study –
Lancet Review Article on Masks –
Royal Society Article on Effectiveness of Masks at Population Level –
CDC Navy Study on Masks – , “Preventive measures, such as using face coverings and observing social distancing, reduced risk for infection.”
German Study Showing 40% Reduction in Transmission With Masks –
Johns Hopkins Public Health on Call Asymptomatic Infections and Masks –
Masked Up for Sports –
Aerosol Spread –
UNMC 3 V’s –

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  1. I love your posts and appreciate your data! How do you feel about mask-less outdoor sports? Soccer in particular. We are struggling with how to handle it this fall— we keep going back and forth. Thanks again!

  2. I thought the duke study about neck gaiters was misreported and wasn't meant to prove anything about actual mask effectivess. Rather it was a proof-of-concept of how such a test could be done. Are this SciShow video ( ) and snopes ( ) wrong? Even your linked source claims: "Again, we want to note that the mask tests performed here (one speaker for all masks and four speakers for selected masks) should serve only as a demonstration."

  3. The corrected data was released shortly after this video. If a large majority of new cases is coming from clusters and close contact I.e. college parties, bars and family gatherings, why are we treating each public space the same way with a mask mandate? Me shopping at the grocery store without a mask for 10 minutes is really putting me at a significant risk to catch Sars-cov2? Why can’t we be more nuanced with the recommendations and push masks for the highest risk activities and remove mandates for other smaller risk activities. Time, distance and shielding etc…

  4. Oh my gosh. I've had that same argument with people over this article. It's also important to note that it was originally published in early April when the official guidance was still to not wear a mask. And then if people read the whole thing, the authors' conclusion is in harmony with current guidance.