With the holidays coming, there are plenty of opportunities to dress up for an event, a holiday party, or just for fun, so we thought we would give you some ideas with our “1920’s Inspired Fashion Lookbook”. We also teamed up with one of our favorite YouTubers Whitney Milam, who is a big fan of the decade, The Great Gatsby, and everything to do with the Roaring Twenties. We also talk about the trend setting fashion of the decade and the start of true American fashion! Be sure to comment, like and subscribe!

See Whitney’s video on The Great Gatsby and more outfit inspiration:

Holiday party outfits inspired by all the Gatsby glitz and glam of the Jazz Age, styled and modeled by Whitney Milam (

FILMED BY – Kyara Rafferty (

J. Crew Silver Dress ||
Target Silver Necklace ||
Forever 21 Headband ||
H&M Faux Fur Coat ||

Modcloth Gold Dress ||
Zara Brown Coat ||
H&M Gold Headband ||

What Chictopia Wore:


Alyssa Nicole Shirt – $150 ||
Thrifted Fur Coat
Thrifted Fringe Skirt
Nordstrom Rack Heels- $60 ||


ASOS Hat – $20 ||
ASOS Fringe Top – $50 ||
Thrifted Skirt


Vintage Gold Dress || Similar

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  1. Also, no historical discussion of the twenties is complete without saying at least something about the Harlem Renaissance which was one of the key aspects of this era known as the Jazz Age.
    As one bio put it, "During the early 20th century, African-American poets, musicians, actors, artists brought new ideas that shifted the culture forever. From approximately 1918 to the mid 1930s, talent began to overflow within this newfound culture of the black community in Harlem, as prominent figures—Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday, to name a few—pushed art to its limit as a form of expression and representation." I would also add one of the pivotal figures of this era, the writer Zora Neale Hurston. All of them undoubtedly had an influence on fashion as well, just as African Americans I've always influenced fashion and every other aspects of culture since hitting American shores.

  2. lol @ the walgreens/T-shirt shop Mardi Gras mask jk … The Horse Racing Season has opened here at the New Orleans fairgrounds and I see some of these looks being repeated here at the track. This inspired me to modernize the look. It's a tradition here to go to the fairgrounds for Thanksgiving so this was perfect timing. I hope you guys do a Kentucky Derby edition when it gets closer. I'm in love with Kentucky Derby hats and would love to learn more about them as well!!! Bravo with the video here!!! 😁

  3. Your videos are so informative and fun to watch! I just wait for your uploads everytime. I have a Yt channel dedicated to Art and I love mixing 'moods' together: your works are just a perfect synthesis of concepts. Much support from Italy!

  4. The 19-teens – 1920's are my favorite fashion era, that infusion of luxury glam with more comfort and practicality! I'm a fashion history buff too, love these vids xo