The best moments from Live at the Apollo, Series 9 – all in one place! This clip contains some strong language. Subscribe:

Black Adder:
Live at the Apollo:
Red Dwarf:
Fawlty Towers:

Welcome to BBC Comedy Greats, home to the best comedy from the BBC! Whether you’re a fan of the classics or if stand up comedy is more up your street then check out our hand picked playlists full of the funniest clips by the best performers. From Only Fools and Horses to Live at the Apollo we can guarantee plenty of awesome Comedy Greats.

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  1. I love that Adam Hills clip for two reasons. 1) Because it's Adam Hills, so loving it is automatic for me 2) Because I have been in at least two situations like that where spontaneous singing brought a room together (and in one of those situations i started it, by starting the "la la la"'s to "If U Seek Amy", and everybody else just automatically joined in) ๐Ÿ˜›