This lesson demonstrates 10 Hip Hop / Neo Soul / R’n’B Piano Exercise Patterns that focus on different aspects of improving your skill and technique. Learning these in all keys will help you sound like greats like Robert Glasper, Anomalie, Rob Araujo, and others who achieve that modern, improvised neo soul piano sound.

PDF available for instant download here:

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  1. This is great! Is the reharm of the ii V I basically ii (Gm9) IVsus7 (Bb7sus13) bVIImaj9#11 (Eb∆11) ? I'm a guitarist trying to look at your hands here and it's hard hahah

  2. Your channel and your videos are so coool,but i have a question about the second exercise,you wrote major (#11) but some of them are just major7add9 and some of them are minor9,i've got so confused that i cant figure it out,can u just guide me through this?

  3. I would love yo purchase the PDF but the case is that it costs $20; i'm from south américa and here thats A LOT, And I mean ir, A LOT of money; is there a posibility to create some kind of disscount considering this? Maybe ir could be convenient for You to offer lower prices depending on the region of the world the purchase is done or something like that. I don't know, just sayin'

  4. This is the first time I've seen a video get close to deconstructing some of the patterns that Anomalie uses.

    I attended his masterclass, but unfortunately he didn't explain some of his more signature stuff (glasper-type minor or major movements). He talked about rapid chord changes, fast inversions, reharms with static melody notes.

    But this is something new! Thanks – looking forward to more