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  1. No sir. Please explain all the west African gold medal sprinters….. Straight from Africa. Make all the emotional excuses you please but ppl of African decent are generally more physically capable muscular and moree reproductive. Just the facts. Now do your own research

  2. Because our genes allow us to respond to any type of training. Im from Mexico but Im black, and I remember back in middle school how everyone asked me if I was in some sort of training because I look too ripped and muscular.. but the truth is I started training until I was 17, before then just played soccer.

    And your story about Africans selling “Africans” is correct. But the people that were sold to the Europeans were not Africans. Africans sold us because we are the true Children of Israel; descendants of 12 tribes, the Biblical Hebrews!

    Our ancestors fled into Africa running away from the Roman empire persecution. And there’s proof for this.

  3. I thought Black people were faster and stronger because they live alongside cheetahs and lions so they had to be strong to survive against them. While other races didn't had predators to survive from so they didn't have the pressure to become strong like the Africans since the Ice age.

  4. I hate the fact that this guy is taking away the hard work manny people ho through he makes it seem like a black person just put on a shoes and suddenly became the best athlete in the world. There's so much hard work and consistancy they trained eat and worked hard for it.

  5. Darwin was the same guy that says
    Black people and asians were beliw the whites and the white man was the final stage of the hunan evolution. Go search it up

  6. Slavery endee over 100 years ago so the section theiry is not relevant or pronounced, that's a stereotype I've seen alit if strong white guys with the same physical and muscular attributes.