One person was killed in a shooting Saturday night at a “Black Lives Matter” protests in Downtown Austin near Congress Avenue and Fourth Street.


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  1. 1.9 k comment are all in favor of the boy hahaha . They need to stop protesting , because it I will take them no where other than. To loot public belonging.

  2. How on earth doesn’t the guy from the car have a medal right now? And the terrorists mother isn’t being questioned about letting her son walk out of the house with an assault rifle?

  3. You interview the mother of one of the people involved in the incident? The heck is wrong with you? So you are automatically skewing the narrative to one side, so no need to wait for objective facts, lets just quickly destroy someone's life? I really hope people start suing you for defamation, disgusting roaches.

  4. “May have been carrying a rifle”. Yep. Bragging. Carrying. Pointing. Shooting. You hear the distinct 5 AK shots and clearly the 3 from a pistol follow. Wrong person chosen for this game.

  5. They should all be at home in bed asleep, instead of "PROTESTING"! I hope all the "PROTESTERS" don't THINK OR FEEL nothing will happen during there VIOLENT "PROTESTING"! IT'S going to happen, so long as everyone of you "PROTESTERS" keep pushing people to hate your stupidity out bursts! Enact. What is it that all other races besides blacks have to complain and cry about I these VIOLENT PROTESTINGS?! NOTHING! YOUR JUST OUT THERE CAUSING AND WAITING FOR SOMEONETO PULL THREE NEXT TRIGGER! STOP AND GO HOME WHILE YOU STILL HAVE ONE!

  6. "Legally carrying an AK-47." Quite the statement. As if this guy
    pointing a gun at someone is justified. Reality: Guy stopped a car by
    pointing his AK at the driver. Driver, back from Afghanistan and working
    a second job, took this as a threat and shot the guy – center
    mass. … Most importantly, it's Texas.

  7. Nice reporting. You forgot to mention that the victim fired at the person in his car first which you can clearly hear in the video as well. Another hacked up media news report. You should be ashamed…… Trying to stir more unrest

  8. Some people have never won a fair fight in their lives. They feel thats power until that power is ruled out by some more instant power. In an instant it shakes that ego in such way you forget to tell your boys it was you yelling for the police. 🤷‍♂️