This is a Mom reacts to Bill Burr – White vs Black Athletes and Hitler | Reaction

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  1. Love Bill Burr, but more that we can all relate to what he's saying and LAUGH at it. Truth is truth, and being offended by the truth is (as Mr. Spock would say) illogical!

  2. The white athletes vs black isn't genetic but how hungry they are for it. Yes, there are some white athletes that are hungry enough to put in the work needed but unless it's changed when I went to college and all, minority players(in general, not all though) had a strong worth ethic and always showed up for practice and worked their asses off. There were a good amount of white(they could be mixed I don't know) athletes that thought because they were doing well at the college level they don't need to work hard as it'll work in the pro level. That's partially why sometimes you see a high value draft pick pretty much disappear when they get to the pro level. Also white/black/brown/whatever, if your best shot to getting a good life is through sports, you work your ass off.

  3. A funny routine. As for the Hitler joke, the idea that Hitler wanted to show off German athletic supremacy and Jesse Owens ruined that for him isn't quite historically accurate. Germany actually won more medals than any other country in that Olympics.

  4. There is some evidence to that theory…quick twitch muscle fiber (scientifically proven to be higher in blacks is for faster speed and agility) and slow twitch muscle fiber is extremely higher in white European/American which is for core strength…which is why the titles for world's strongest men have been white..most have traced back from Northern Europe decent
    (Viking decent)

  5. What I learned watching black commentators lately; When they call you stupid, its the greatest compliment they can give a comedian. Almost every one I watched, they call Bill stupid but they rolling in laughter.

    Btw, love the channel and yalls energy!

  6. Come on man black athletes are not better than white athletes it’s depends on the sport do you think any black guy ever will be Michael stops in the pool. That’s why as basketball goes there’s courts all over the cities and all you need is a ball. What about soccer they’re not the best soccer athletes about hockey not the best hockey athletes. So don’t give me that shit that they’re better athletes just the top sports in this country two of them they’re very good athletes they’re better at basketball for the most part but there’s more of them getting into it. As far as football goes that’s just bullshit Zach Ertz just set a record for most catches by a tight end. How many Super Bowl rings do black guys have as quarterbacks. I’m not trying to be racist I’m just saying it’s not fair to say that black guys a better athletes it’s just downright. Gretzky the great one Tom Brady the goat I mean come on