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Anthony is a Japanese comedian who has been featured on many TV shows such as Wednesdays with Downtown (水曜日のダウンタウン), and a well-known television celebrity within Japan. He is part of the comedy duo known as Matenrou. He was born to an African-American father and Japanese mother in a suburb of Tokyo, but his father passed away when he was 2 years old. At age 5, his mother re-married to a Japanese man who raised him as his own, along with Anthony’s mother. Listen to his story on how he navigated life as the only black person in his area, with full Japanese parents, and only knowing how to speak Japanese. As Anthony made his way into comedy and the television industry, many other mixed Japanese people continue to support him and he is part of a unique community of other mixed Japanese celebrities who appear on TV.

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Anthony’s Instagram:

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
1:24 Anthony talks about being a half Japanese comedian and other hafu TV stars
2:46 Anthony Looks like Biggie Smalls?? Max looks like WHO?
4:31 Where was Anthony born and raised? How is he black with 2 Japanese parents?
6:15 What did kids in school think of having a half black classmate?
9:10 Were you treated differently for being black?
11:00 Anthony Starts Playing Baseball in Elementary School and Becomes a Star Player
12:05 Black Japanese Athletes in sports.
13:48 Being the only black baseball player. Friends know he’s Japanese other than skin color.
16:58 How Anthony’s parents taught him to be strong
18:26 Did you have any other hafu friends growing up?
19:24 Do you speak to your birth father’s relatives?
20:35 Have you ever tried to make yourself look more Japanese?
20:08 Does Anthony Talk to Other Japanese Black Hafu celebrities like Rui Hachimura or Naomi Osaka?
23:24 Why does Japan have mostly half white Japanese models? And not half black?
26:30 Listening to rap music, but not knowing the lyrics
27:14 Black culture in America. Do you get along with black Americans? Do people see Anthony as black in Japan, or mixed?
29:20 The black “head nod” when passing each other. Does Anthony know how to do it??
31:32 Do you feel accepted as Japanese by other Japanese people? Self-Introductions suck
33:07 Hafu-kai. Being a part of the half Japanese celebrity group in Japanese entertainment
36:33 Talking about influence to other mixed kids who watch him on TV
38:55 Identity, what do you have to say?
40:22 Why did you want to be a comedian in the first place? Hilarious stories.
42:31 Asking Anthony about his “interesting” Instagram photos
44:07 Anthony talks about his “size” (lol)
46:00 Group Nozosandy gifts Anthony with a “special” surprise…

Videos for Reference:
Anthony Drinking Boba Tea and Getting Shocked:

Anthony Hitting Baseballs

4:34 Growing Up Black in Japan ft. Tiffany

Special Thanks:
Production Team Nozosandy for organizing this shoot
Check out their channel and video here (subtitled in English):




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  1. 日本の小学生がニガーって言うか?

  2. この動画のインタビュアーは、ディスカウントジャパンしたくてやってるのは良くわかった。

  3. よくよく考えたらアントニーの名前のスペルってAnthonyだから、どっちかと言うと“アンソニー”の方が英語の発音に近そうだね。

  4. Why all the baity questions about race? He already stated how he had a good upbringing where he felt comfortable with himself. But you kept asking like as if you wanted a depressing reaction. How do you go from good upbringing to 'why aren't there black models?'

  5. I really like this guy. I'm mixed black and white and get mistaken as Puerto Rican or Indian every so often. Was also mistaken for a waiter in a Mexican restaurant once. The struggles are real.

  6. 2、3年前だけどアントニーに夢の国で会ったことある!

  7. to me he looks like a dark skinned japanese. that was a good interview for anyone, even if you're not hafu but are a returnee anywhere in the world or an immigrant from childhood or just don't act like a stereotype everything he said makes a lot of sense.